Nate Hoffeditz Creates Hilarious Dating Images During Quarantine

It might not be the happiest time for us humans, but we must not allow our spirits to falter! And one guy from Knoxville, Tennessee made sure that his followers stay entertained. Nate Hoffeditz created a series of images titled “Dating profiles during the quarantine be like…” and conquered the internet!

“I was noticing that people are really starting to worry about staying healthy through this, and I wanted to raise people’s spirits. I hope to bring some laughter, but not condemn anything people are doing to stay safe. I was just sitting at the house and figured this would be a funny thing to try to do,” Hoffeditz told Bored Panda and added that he never expected such a positive reaction, he even got marriage proposals!

“It’s just really refreshing to see how many people have said that it was, ‘just what they needed’. I know it has brightened my spirits to see how nice people are being to each other too. I hope everyone can stay safe through this, and if you have to be quarantined, hopefully, it’s with the people that you love!”

Scroll down and check out to see the hilarious images. Don’t forget to follow the arrows for more pics.