Meet Chico: The World’s Grumpiest Dog

Today we are going to meet Chico; a lovely Brussels Griffon who looks like he’s always mad at the world. But don’t let his looks fool you—Chico has a wonderful personality and he loves to cuddle just like the rest of us.

Chico earned the title of “world’s grumpiest dog” after the Daily Mail wrote a story about him looking so angry. His story went viral and Chico became a social media sensation with more than 10 thousand followers on Instagram.

“Funny part is that he is not grumpy. He is a very playful, spunky and super cuddly dog that just happens to look mad at the world all the time,” Chico’s owner Belle said in an interview with Hello Bark.

“For a seven pound dog Chico has a big personality. He is not afraid to tell you what he wants and will let you know when he needs something,” she added.

But Chico is not alone; he has three sisters, Hazel, Rita and Ramona, and he absolutely adores them. Take a look at their lovely photos below.