Stefan Pabst Creates 3D Art That Pops Off the Paper

Stefan Pabst is a super talented portrait artist who creates hyperrealistic 3D paintings that appear to pop off the paper. The artist is so skilled at creating the illusion of depth that it’s extremely hard to believe the subjects in his paintings aren’t real. From mind-blowing portraits of famous figures to amazing 3D paintings of different animals, Pabst can easily recreate anything he wants.

The artist told in an interview with Insider that his artistic career started when he was only a 5-year-old child, but he never went to art school.

“I had no artistic education. I only liked to draw as a child. I was fine with not learning specific painting techniques. After creating a portrait for a friend, I received a lot of compliments and decided to do it professionally,” Pabst said.

You’ll notice that his subjects appear to extend beyond the edge of the canvas, but that’s just the result of clever tricks the artist uses to trick our eyes and mind. That’s what makes Pabst’s paintings so amazing that we simply can’t seem to take our eyes off of them.

Take a look at Pabst’s artwork in the photos below.

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