Minimalist Ceramics With Human Faces by Fan Yanting

Taiwanese artist Fan Yanting creates quite unusual and very interesting minimalist ceramics, mostly vessels and dinnerware, with human faces on them. The artist hand-sculpts different sets of eyes, mouths, and noses to express the full palette of human emotions, but he can never decide which emotion he’ll try to capture beforehand.

As Yanting said in an interview with Neocha, he starts sculpting human faces with an empty mind and no specific character designs in mind. The passion for creating these whimsical ceramics comes from his interest in human relationships and the way people read other people’s facial expressions.

“Maybe a face will remind someone of an old friend, a family member, or the coffee shop owner down the street. By leading viewers to experience everyday items that have different faces, I hope to explore this phenomenon in my work,” the artist said.

Check out these miniature ceramics in the photos below.