Meet The People Who Traded Their 5-Bedroom House For A 300 sq ft Trailer

Modern life is convenient. We live in huge houses with electricity and heat, we have running water and light whenever we need it, and we can buy basically everything we need. So why are more and more people trading that convenience for a 300 square foot house-on-wheels?

The tiny house movement has been on the rise for years. The idea of living small isn’t exactly new – people have been sharing crowded spaces and living in all sorts of tiny dwellings since the dawn of history. But that has usually been a matter of necessity. Today, people like Jenna Spesard from Tiny House, Giant Journey deliberately choose to live tiny when they can just as well get a mortgage on a house or a spacious apartment.

The tiny house people have many reasons to go small. Some are minimalist by nature and prefer to have as few belongings as possible. Some live alone and feel uncomfortable in a huge empty house. Some feel weighed down by bills and payments – tiny houses are usually off the grid and produce their own electricity. Others do it for ecological reasons.

The one thing they all have in common is a need for freedom – freedom from the crazy pace of modern living, of piling bills, of staying in one place, of buying stuff they don’t really need. Maybe they’re on to something.