This Chef Recreates Meals From TV And Movies

We all love a good meal and a nice movie. So why not combine the too? That’s exactly what YouTuber Andrew Rea has been doing on his channel, Binging With Babish. For the past three years, h’s been recreating food as it appears on TV shows and movies.

Rea didn’t start out as a chef – he used to be a film editor, though he was always a foodie. Three years ago he decided to try something new and made his first episode in the series Binging With Babish: recreating the burgers from Parks and Rec‘s burger cookoff. His goal, as he put it, what to see what realize “what does the food in film and television actually taste like.”

Rea set some ground rules for his channels: first, the focus is on the food and not him. You’ll rarely see his face inside the frame. Second, the goals is to recreate TV food in real time and see what it’s like. Sometimes, the results are disappointing, and sometimes Andrew messes up. But that’s part of the process, and we get to see the mostly hilarious cooking disasters as well as the successes.

Bingin With Babish‘s quirky premise and unique style has gained the show a huge following. The channel has over 5 million subscribers. This had allowed Rea to go on YouTube full time and create spinoffs of his show, such as Basics With Babish where he teaches cooking basics, and Being With Babish, where he gives back to his most loyal fans.

Scroll down to check out some of his creations.