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Illustrator Vanessa Branchi describes herself as a city person. Originally from Italy, where she studied Graphic Design, Branchi moved to London in 2012 and then hopped on to Berlin in 2018. Inspired by symbolism, surrealism, and dreamlike states, her graphic illustrations have a detached big-city feel to them, attracting clients like Google, Siemens, Time Out, and The Telegraph.
Jen Smith is not the first embroidery artist we've featured here, but her work caught our attention for a specific reason. Her embroidery hoops contain various motifs, and among them are distinctive Hawaiian shirts with real buttons! While browsing her Instagram page, we noticed that she gravitates towards warm colors and floral patterns. Each...
Nowadays there are a lot of cosplay artists on the internet. To stand out among the many, your art must be extraordinary. Cosplay lets artists explore their art by really stepping out of their comfort zone all the while leaving an impression. Brenna Mazzoni is not your ordinary cosplay artist, her skills are top...


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