Justine Kuran’s Paper Designs Will Leave You Slackjawed

Justine Kuran is a self-taught paper-artist. No, it’s not origami, what she does is called “paper-filigree”, or “quilling” and it’s an ancient practice of making pieces of paper-art which look so amazing, you won’t believe a human hand did it.  

Kuran has been mastering this skill for the last five and a half years in her home studio. During the last year, she had her first solo exhibition, and she has been searching for new ways to present her work and to make more contemporary pieces. She says she likes art that has structure and depth, because it draws the viewer in, and has a hypnotic effect. 

All the pieces Kuran makes are unique, made completely by her hand out of paper strips which she folds, cuts, glues, rolls and so on. She says she is inspired by works of Banksy, Ai Weiwei, Andy Warhol’s pop art and the magnificent color works by David Hockney. During the last five years, she has been pleased to commission great gifts to some international guests and celebrities such as some Hollywood legends, Stephen Harper, Goldie Hawn or Dr Susan Alberti as well as some political figures.

Here are examples of her work that can be found on her Instagram account.