Brenda Mazzoni Takes Cosplay to The Next Level

Nowadays there are a lot of cosplay artists on the internet. To stand out among the many, your art must be extraordinary. Cosplay lets artists explore their art by really stepping out of their comfort zone all the while leaving an impression.

Brenna Mazzoni is not your ordinary cosplay artist, her skills are top notch and we’re sure you will love what she does. Her work has gained many fans from across the world simply can’t wait to see her work.

As a self-taught makeup enthusiast from Florida, Mazzoni has a lot of cosplay ideas she plans on executing in the long run. She is also constantly perfecting her art and she is definitelyamong the top if not the best cosplay artists out there at the moment. Her Instagram page has many astonishing transformation and more than 112k followers.

Scroll down to see her amazing work.