Check Out These Adorable Characters From “Game of Sloths”

 The Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) is a non-profit organization committed to preserve sloths in the wild through research and conservation initiative programs.

According to their website, the population of these slow-moving creatures has declined throughout South and Central America due to urbanization and deforestation. To save sloths from extinction, the organization has developed community-based programs that will help these animals to coexist with the people sharing their habitat.

The organization is also active on social media, sharing posts about sloths and encouraging everyone to help them in their mission. They also ventured into the Game of Thrones realm by making their own characters and naming the series as Game of Sloths.

And as a tribute to the award-winning HBO series, they’ve recreated some of our favorite GoT characters as adorable sloths. Check out below.