Four Indian Snacks That We Wish We Had As Kids

Photo by Julian Yu on Unsplash

Indian food is known for the use of various intense spices and incredible flavorful concoctions, but what about snacks? Indian snacks have the same distinct charm as any other Indian meal, they are easy to make and a confirmed lip-smacking hit with everyone. So here’s a list of our favorite traditional Indian snacks that will satisfy your greatest hunger pangs!


Also called Indian doughnuts, these little sweet spirals made of fried dough topped with sugar syrup and cardamom are not only pleasant for the eyes, but for the gut as well.


Bakharwadi is another spiral-like dish that will drive you crazy. It’s a mix of sweet and salty with an unforgettable stuffing of poppy seeds, coconut and sesame seeds.


We may be a world obsessed with chicken nuggets, but this sugar nugget is here to make a statement. Known by different names in different parts of India, the sugary dough makes for an amazing and filling snack.

Banana Chips

Well, maybe it’s time to include a healthy snack in this list. The banana chips is anything but an ordinary chip – the banana slices are fried in coconut oil, which adds an addictive flavor to the sweetness of the fruit.