Meet The Weekend Mixologist – Simple And Yet So Delicious!

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. We’re sure you’ve heard this statement and we are here to tell you that it’s almost always true. Now, with the summer just around the corner, the season of cocktails is officially open and we’re all looking forward to it very much.  

The Weekend Mixologist Instagram account posts perfectly delicious looking cocktails and not only that, he also gives us recipes in case we want to drink a 5-liter cocktail at home. He focuses on classic cocktails, sometimes with his own twist, but he keeps thing simple, with drinks like a Japanese Swizzle and a Coffee Old Fashioned. 

Not only that the cocktails he makes are delicious, the also look like they are not even real. So many details and effort are put into making them they look like they’re painted on a canvas.  

Other than being the cocktail master, The Weekend Mixologist is quite aware of the problems that plastic is causing our planet, so be sure you won’t find any kind of plastic straw or accessory near his cocktails.  “A perfect cocktail doesn’t need a plastic straw,” he says – and we have to listen to the master.