World’s Most Talented Cat Holds A Guinness World Record

Didga the cat, short for Didgeridoo, was rescued by Robert from an animal shelter a few years ago. While the cast may have hoped for a relaxed, peaceful, cat life, real life had different plans for her, including purrkour experiences.  

Believe it or not this cat does more than 20 tricks per minute and she has a Guinness World Record behind her to prove it. Because of her achievements, she is featured in the Guinness World Records 2017 book. Located in New South Wales, Australia, Didga truly leads the life of a champion.  

Didga can do anything from rolling over to jumping over a bar whilst on a skateboard! How many cats can do that? 

The rules for this Guinness World Records title state that each trick must be clearly defined and independent and that the commands or cues must not involve the human touching the animal. Robert, the person who adopted her and runs Catmantoo, their Instagram page, says that he always knew there was something about this adorable cat and now he knows what it is and he couldn’t be happier. 

Other than being a Guinness World Record holder, Didga is a modest cat that likes to take pictures and uploads them on social media, hang out with her best friend Boomer and occasionally likes to eat minced kangaroo meat.  

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