The Beach Cats That Like Water

Unlike most, Nathan is a cat that loves the beach!  Abandoned as a kitty, he was found by Mel, who lived in Queensland, Australia, with her husband Rian. One way or another, Nathan the cat found a way to adjust to his living conditions and not only does he not mind water – he loves it!   

This adorable cat recently got a new sister, Winnie and now the two of them seem quite unstoppable! They are Instagram celebrities, with a blog, a YouTube channel, a Snapchat and a Facebook profile and they even volunteer at the animal shelter! Although they are somewhat local celebrities, they remain humble and true to what they were before they started doing the commercials and the photo shoots.  

Their favorite activity still is going to the beach with their parents and doing some casual surfing. Can these two cats be the only felines that really enjoy being in the water or is there something in the air in the land down under that makes everyone become an instant beach person?  

If you really want an answer to this question you can always contact Nathan or Winnie, we are sure they will be more than happy to give you their opinion on the matter, but whatever it is one thing is for certain – these two kitties are adorable!