Meet Yoda, the Adorable Bush Baby

Have you ever seen a bush baby? Many have heard of it, but have never seen it. Meet Yoda, the most adorable bush baby you will ever see.

Yoda is not an ordinary pet, but an instafamous one, that resides in Thailand, and has about 62k followers on Instagram.

Apparently, the name bush baby came as a result of the way this animal cries or due to its appearance. Aside from the name “bush baby”, they are also called Galagos.

This animal is characterized by their large eyes which helps them to see at night. They have ears like those of bats, which allow them to locate insects in the night. Galagos are also characterized by their long tails which is usually longer than their whole body. These animals can choose to walk or run and their legs also give them the ability to hop like kangaroos.

Would you want to meet one? See pictures below.