T-Pain Cosplaying a “Tekken” Character is Pure Gold

T-Pain may be more prominently known as a rapper, but these days, he’s more known for streaming and playing video games. In particular, he seems to love playing Tekken.

In fact, T-Pain just doesn’t love playing Tekken — he adores the franchise so much that he actually decided to cosplay as one of its characters, and what do you know? He absolutely nailed it.

Even if you’re a huge video game fan though, we can’t exactly blame you if you don’t know who T-Pain is cosplaying as.

Leroy Smith is one of the latest additions to the Tekken franchise, having only been recently announced at EVO 2019. His fighting style seems as unique as his fashion sense and he could definitely help shake up the metagame of Tekken.

Also tagging along for T-Pain’s cosplay as his daughter, Lyric, who cosplayed as Dutch Van der Linde of Red Dead Redemption.

This just goes to show that a family that cosplays together, stays together.

Either way, kudos to T-Pain for absolutely nailing a cosplay that few people have even thought of doing yet. If he really thought of it himself, then he should definitely think of cosplaying more Tekken characters. But, if it’s part of some sort of promotional deal with Bandai Namco, then they made the right decision to get someone like T-Pain to get people talking about the latest addition to Tekken.