Mexican Sculptor Crafts Hyperrealistic Figures That Would Blow Your Mind

Most of the time, we come across hyperrealistic art and we are blown away by the creativity required to create it. But have you ever seen hyperreal sculptures? Get ready to be blown away.

These amazing videos show the works of a Mexican hyperrealist sculptor, named Ruben Orozco Loza. Ruben produces his sculpture works from molds of clay, and according to him, each sculpture takes about 5 months to complete.

In his words, “the most complex part is not making them look like the person, it’s giving them life” The artist makes them look so real, that even their skins appear almost like real skins. Each sculpture looks so detailed, with the different parts well in place. Even the hairs on their heads, the moustache and beards look almost real.”

Among his works are sculptures of the English Singer, David Bowie, Mexican icon, Frida Kahlo, and even Pope Francis.

Scroll below to see some of his best work.