Michal Dziekan’s Art Talks About Our Biggest Problems

We all know that society isn’t perfect. We can create and build incredible things, but we can also cause harm, even if it’s unintentional. It’s pretty easy to ignore or simply miss those wrongs, which is why artist Michal Dziekan is using his art to highlight them.

Michael is a Polish-born illustrator with a penchant for comics and for dark humor, which comes out brilliantly in his art. His busy, intricate parodic drawings describe every societal flaw from greedy politicians to unhappy employees and mindless consumers. You’ll probably find his style familiar, his illustrations look a lot like old-time newspaper cartoons, the type that used to illuminate the uglier sides of our lives that we usually prefer to ignore.

And Michael’s art is almost impossible to ignore, his illustrations are so colorful and full of tiny details. They’re almost like an intricate labyrinth of ink and color, without even noticing your eye will start to wander across the drawing, trying to decipher every little detail. And then, you’ll realize that this colorful puzzle tells the story of a corrupt leader who’s willing to change his position on any subject for the right bribe, or about parents who pressure their kids into prestigious careers.  It’s a gut-wrenching experience which might be just what we need.