You Wouldn’t Believe What These Gorgeous Bouquets are Made Of

Marianne Eriksen-Scott’s bouquets are stunning—they’re huge, bright and colorful, like nothing else. But what makes them really special is what they’re made of—it’s all tissue paper.

Marianne is a Copenhagen-based artist. She studied fashion design at The School of Design at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in 1995. Since then, she’s been working with some of the leading magazines and fashion houses in the world and has slowly gravitated away from fashion and towards are.

Marianne describes herself as a slow art advocate, which means her works cane take hours and hours, though she doesn’t keep count. Her bouquets are all made by hand, each petal-shaped and put into place, with no patterns or templates to guide her. She doesn’t plan anything, not even what sort of paper to use, she uses what’s available to her, and tries to focus on the creative process rather than on the design and planning aspects of her work.

Marriane draws inspiration from her childhood in the Danish countryside. Many of her installations refer to Danish folk art, which is in its own turn inspired by nature. These floral installations have been Marriane’s focus for the past five years, and she doesn’t mean to stop anytime soon. She shares her work in her Instagram account, where we can also enjoy her weird, beautiful creations.