Mind-Bending Porcelain Sculptures By Juliette Clovis

Juliette Clovis, an artist from Bordeaux, France, creates porcelain sculptures that look so mesmerizing and amazing, and we want to share them with you.  

A central point of Clovis’s work is a representation of a woman, though, in most of her works, the human figure is not present, and is replaced by wildlife and floral elements. The pieces she works on somehow move between picturing the announcements of the birth of a new living being, human bodies that are half-animals, half-vegetables and death caused by a disenfranchised nature that wants its rights back. The main topic she is focused on is metamorphosis, and that’s visible through symbols of snakes, butterflies or eggs, that are already known to the history of art.  

In her works, Clovis mixes times and cultures, trying to create communication between modern and traditional worlds. Her art is using a traditional medium, and already known symbols, but the pieces she makes are unique and modern, as well as the issues she’s focused on.  

After finishing extensive studies in art history, law, sculpture and graphic design, Clovis has exhibited her work in many international contexts during the last ten years.  

We found her art quite appealing, and we recommend visiting her Instagram account for more! 

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One month ago, my sculpture « Manis Tetradactyla » was exhibited in Le Grand Palais during the biennale Révélations- Made with more than 6500 porcelain scales. Juliette Clovis is a french visual artist living in south ouest of France. Her work explores 2 main lines: first, the idea of cycle of life which is incessant and universal, and second, the perpetual search for a balance born from contrasts and oppositions. Techniques and matter are very important to Juliette. Her current production develops mainly around sculpture with her favorite medium: porcelain. Manis Tetradactyla is a species of pangolin: a small long-tailed mammal living in West and Central Africa. Like the animal, thousands of porcelain scales interlock into each other and form a carapace which covers entirely the surface of the sculpture. The final shape draws an abstract line, invasive and sinuous, almost looking like snake curves. Like a gigantic ‪Gordian knot‬, Manis Tetradactyla has neither beginning nor end. An hybrid and reptilian creature with an immaculate beauty born from Intertwined and sprawling forms . The course of events seems then reversed. The cycle of life takes another turn and instead of disappearing, a new living being emerges from the pangolin’s scales. A powerful form springs out fragile porcelain shards. The spectator is faced with an unknown animal. Is it one of a kind? Are they several? Is it a threat? The impression of strength and invasion is palpable. But the delicacy and fragility of porcelain soften this tension making the animal less disturbing than intriguing. Strength and fragility are balanced to give life to a new form of harmony. Manis Tetradactyla scrambles the tracks and plays the spectator who no longer knows if he is in front of a prehistoric animal resurfaces from the past or a metamorphic and futuristic creature announcing the birth of a new era. @salonrevelations @le_grand_palais #contemporarysculpture #contemporaryceramics #contemporaryporcelain #artcommission #porcelainsculpture #porcelainart #monumentalsculpture #scales #snake #legrandpalais #artparis #artinparis #artconsulting #artconsultant #reptile #pangolins #gordian #gordianknot #lifecycle

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