Woman Rebuilds a Vintage RV Into a Traveling Home

The average person probably wouldn’t give a Craigslist ad for a well-priced vintage 1970 Dodge Commander any thought.

After all, who would buy one? It’s not like they’re selling off as pancakes, and as much as traveling is the trend these days, it’s not really easy to convert an RV into a portable home. But, that’s exactly what Jessy Muller did.

Sold for the low, low, low price of $1,900 and with only 54,000 miles on it, Muller decided to turn the 1970 Dodge Commander into a camper.

Muller then spent north of a year working on the RV, either by herself or by asking for help from her friends and family, and redid renovations just because she thought that something didn’t fit. A good example was when she removed the horseshoe dining area and turned it into an area where you’d find her own pop-up table, as well as her cats litter box.

While Muller did end up changing nearly everything about the RV, one thing that she left as it is was the original shag carpeting. But, looking at how it makes everything look more classy and vintage, it certainly seems like a good choice.

All in all, Muller did a great job turning the RV into an actual mobile home.

In fact, you could argue that the RV is better than some people’s homes, as it comes with all the necessities and niceties, including but not limited to a solar panel, among others.

Since finishing the RV, Muller has made it a point to go on the road whenever she can, traveling from one place to another in search of the one thing that finally scratches her wanderlust.

She has also since authored a book titled “Vanlife: Your Guide to Becoming a Modern Nomad” where she details the process of how the 1970 Dodge Commander became the mobile home that it is today.

For photos of Muller and her travels, be sure to scroll down below.