Naida C. Castel Creates Honest, Meaningful Jewelry

Naida C. Castel’s jewelry pieces are a reminder that there’s beauty in the imperfect. Sometimes, a diamond in the rough needs no further polishing. Based in Barcelona, Castel’s pieces are handmade and hand-sculpted at her studio. Through her practice, she experiments with the spontaneity of forms, with the aim of displaying the honesty of the material and its process.

As such, there’s no wrong or right when it comes to her creative process. “I draw all the ideas that come to my mind,” she explained in an interview with Arcana Magazine. “When I like the shapes and random ideas I have got, I decide some viable pieces and I make samples in metal. After making, repeating and trying I put them all together to see how the family looks.”

Usually, Castel ends up choosing the roughest and most unpredictable shapes, explaining that those are often more attractive and tend to capture those elusive feelings that you can’t explain with words.

With a love of beauty in all its multitude and forms, Castel says she draws her inspiration from traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures and people. Her meaningful jewelry makes the perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

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