This Brand Makes Jewelry That Actually Feels Personal

It’s common knowledge that fashion is all in the details. Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese live by this saying. Based in Germany, their jewelry brand, WALD, celebrates individuality and free-spiritedness, incorporating nostalgic elements into each of their handmade pieces.

“We just design what we love and what we want to wear,” the two shared in an interview with Vogue. “It is such a dream to see that people really respond to your vision of aesthetics and actually wear it.”

“There is so much available on the market but many collections feel impersonal and replaceable when in fact, jewelry is actually a very personal piece since you wear so close to the body,” they note. “There’s much more to it than just looking good. That’s the reason we were inspired to tell our own stories through our jewelry line.”

Both personal and stylish, their pieces include elements like green shells, coral, and jasper stones. There’s also an ethical and environmental core to their brand, as they make sure that the shells and coral they use are not on the protected species list. The pieces themselves are handmade by a collective of women who would otherwise be unemployed.

We know what pieces we’ll be rocking when quarantine is over…