Newest Monumental Sculpture In Venice By Lorenzo Quinn

Artist Lorenzo Quinn is back again with another awesome piece of art after launching his sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Quinn has built a six pairs of hands joining over the famous historic Arsenale. The project dubbed as ‘Building Bridges’ is a piece that celebrate unity and is a beautiful addition to the city.

“My work in Venice wasn’t finished with ‘Support’, my previous sculpture,” Lorenzo told Bored Panda. “In fact, it’s a trilogy. ‘Support’ was meant to encourage us to open your eyes and Building Bridges is about taking action and cultures uniting for a common good. The third piece (which will be unveiled after 2 years)… Well, you’ll just have to wait and see but I can tell you that it won’t involve any hands.”

“The human hands fascinate me because through them, I am able to spread very direct, universal messages. Plus, I’m Italian, we speak with our hands”

Quinn wanted to represent the 5 continents and the sixth one – love – bringing them all together.