Nigeria Based Artist Creates Amazing Art with Recycled Materials

Creative artist Emmanuel Adebayo Adeyemi has shown his creativity and sense of innovation by converting used items into objects of artistry. In addition to this, Emmanuel is also a fan of creative drawing. He has come this far by his commitment to studying and relating with people of like passion.

His artworks deal with the conversion of unused items which are commonly found in the environment into spectacular artworks. He uses items such as shells, woods, ropes, fibers, bamboos, dumped clothes, tins, foam etc. for his design.

This is a very spectacular concept of design. He beautifies the environment with the beauty of his artworks and at the same time rids the environment of its waste.

His recent artwork shows a very beautiful wall decoration with a chair, all made with recycled materials. He has shown how resourceful our environment can be in adding value to humans.

This spectacular artist really shows his unique sense of creativity by bringing out the beauty in recycled materials found in the environment.