Oksana Trukhan Makes Beautiful Jewelry Inspired By Nature

Artist Oksana Trukhan from Ukraine introduces herself as a creator of a jewelry line inspired by nature. She makes pendants, rings, bracelets, and necklaces from silver, copper, and natural gemstones using only her sketches. She says that her favorite thing about creating jewelry is making people happy.

“My inspiration is around me – in the garden and woodland near my house,” Trukhan shared in a post on Bored Panda. “Long time ago I painted plants with watercolor. But over time, I wanted to recreate their beauty in sculpture. Silver is a perfect material for making leaves, berries, flowers, and twigs. And I can implement my ideas with this metal.”

According to the artist’s Etsy store, she also creates tutorials about the wire wrap art which you can find on her blog.

You can see her detailed art pieces on her Instagram store. Aren’t they beautiful? Don’t forget to follow her for future updates.