Enchanting Landscapes Depicted With Bold Colors

Jess Franks is a gifted artist who likes using bold colors when depicting the beautiful New England landscape. She explains that she has been obsessed with color combinations since she was a little girl, and although, her color choices may seem unusual to some, her main goal is to make people see the world through her eyes.

As a nature lover, Franks loves spending her free time outdoors and taking photos of her surroundings. Using her magic wand aka paintbrush she later transforms those photos onto canvases.

“The colors I use communicate what I feel when I see mountaintop views or the up-close intricacies of a flower,” the artist told in a statement for My Modern Met. “My collectors tell me that my paintings and prints are bright spots in their home, like windows to worlds that they can get lost in, reminders of peace and joy even when life may not currently feel those things. If I’ve communicated hope through my work, and viewers have sensed it, then I have succeeded.”

You can add one of the artist’s vibrant paintings to your own collection by purchasing from her shop, and follow her latest work on Instagram.