Painter Creates Art That Glows In The Dark

Crisco Art is a pseudonym of an artist named Cristoforo Scorpiniti. He is an Italian artist who describes himself as “the artist who paint the light.” Scorpiniti became viral thanks to his remarkable talent and his artwork that is lovely to look at in daylight, but which comes to life when the lights go out.

The artist uses glow-in-the-dark paints which allows him to create two paintings in one. His started drawing in a rather dark period of his life, when he lost his job. The self-taught Crisco began his journey about seven years ago.

“I started this road as self-taught, though my passion for color pencils has been around me for quite some time,” Crisco shared in an interview for Sogna e Condividi. “One day I took some brushes, a cotton sheet and made a frame. I began to paint for the first time in my life, and at that moment a world opened up. I knew that thing belonged to me, it was inside me, it was as if I had always done it.”

Now the artist has a following of over half a million, and is a true Internet sensation.

Take a look at his gallery below.