Parody Account On Twitter Puts Captions Objectifying Women On Pictures Of Male Celebs

It’s no secret that lots of headlines in the printed and electronic media are objectifying celebrities just so they can get as many likes and shares as possible. It’s a big business after all, and often the media makes a big buzz for something that’s not even worth mentioning it.  

We often see headlines about women celebrities that objectify them in the most bizarre ways. They are being followed by reporters just so they can get a picture them going to the shop, or taking a walk followed by ridiculous headlines about the way they are dressed or how good (or not) they look.  

Daily Male Online is a Twitter account that decided to embrace the silly headlines that Daily Mail’s presents about female celebrities with a little twist – they post pictures of male celebrities. So, you can see headlines that insinuate that Arnold Schwarzenegger left the house without a bra, or how amazing Chris Pratt’s legs are while he’s wearing shorts that are barely there.  

We hope that the era of headlines like this will end soon and that women will be celebrated for what they do, and not for the way they look!