Artist Creates Heart-Touching Story About Green Mermaid

Mermaids have been a part from very myths and legends everywhere and they are always shown as dazzling beauties in the form of half-women and half-fish. Did you know that even the ancient Syrians had a goddess that would turn her bottom half into a fish when she was going into the lake! The Little Mermaid is one of the most beloved cartoons among kids and there is a whole month that celebrates mermaids too! 

The #MerMay challenge on Instagram was devoted to creativity and mermaids, and many artists celebrated their beauty and mysticality by drawing them. One artist made a step further – he created an entire story that quickly captured the hearts of his followers and went viral. 

Andy Ivanov is a Ukrainian artist that joined this challenge and made his own story about the green mermaid, called “May, the Mermaid of Lily Lake”. The heart-touching story quickly went viral not only because of the love story, but also for the amazing drawings Ivanov created. Each piece tells a different part of the story and fans on Instagram couldn’t wait for the next episode! 

See the whole story for May on Instagram!