Paul Hallows Transforms City Infrastructure into Patterns

Paul Hallows, aka himHallows, created a series of illustrations that show patterns created by using common city infrastructure items. From silos to AC units, “the patterns make use of scale to create images that appear logical in construction but abstract in their repetition,” as Hallows explained Creative Boom.

Hallows started his artistic career by creating gig posters for local bands and his friends in Manchester. He’s a self-taught illustrator who has been working as a full-time freelancer for the past five years, showing incredible determination and willpower. Today, he does illustration and animation work for many clients as well as personal projects.

“I had my first solo show last year with a series of illustrations of Greater Manchester’s brutalist buildings which was well received by the concrete lovers of Manchester and felt like a warm homecoming after spending several months in London,” he says.

Scroll down to see his work.