Liz Studentschnig’s Mouth-Watering Illustrations Feature 1980s Fast Food

This summer, Austrian artist Liz Studentschnig published a new illustration series that consists of four illustrations showing vintage fast food with the 1980s vibe. This talented artist currently lives in Leeds, UK, and tells stories through art.

“I love telling stories,” writes Studentschnig on her website. “Which is exactly what my work is all about: mixing hand-drawn illustrations with bold typography and sleek layouts to create eye-catching design solutions brimming with character. And if I can put a smile on people’s faces in the process, even better!”

She’s been working as a freelance illustrator since 2014, when she finished her MA in Advertising and Design. Her client list is getting bigger and bigger but she always finds time to work on a personal project. When it comes to her style, she describes it as a mix of Toulouse-Lautrec and comics with a touch of Pop Art.

If that’s something you enjoy in art, you can follow Studentschnig’s work on Instagram.