Priceless Wildlife Shots By Will Lucas-Burrard

If you think baby animals are cute and you are looking to find out more about the everyday of Earth’s wildlife, then Will Lucas-Burrard’s Instagram account is the one for you. A true pioneer in the field of wildlife photography, he goes out of his way to take beautiful pictures of the rare species that grace the African landscape.  

As a professional, he is famous not only for his unforgettable photographs, but also for inventing devices such as the Beetlecam, Beetlecopteer and all kinds of camera traps, which allow him to capture magnificent close-ups. With their help, he has taken pictures that are real head-turners, going far beyond our imagination. Baby meerkats, hyenas, pandas, elephants and even the Kenyan black leopard, and all of them photographed exactly where they are supposed to be – in their lush natural habitat.  

If anything, shooting out in the wild means that you can get good lighting. But Will, always taking things to a whole new level, developed his method of taking pictures at night – those shots are the real masterpieces which reveal just how much this young creative is both brave and talented.