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Artist Turns Queen Songs to Comic Book Covers

Queen is one of the most famous bands of all times, with contagious rhythm, catching lyrics and wonderful music. They’ve changed rock music forever and their legacy is very...

Ewa Mos Slays the Art Scene

Mixed-media artist Ewa Mos is unapologetically cool. Combining her two passions - illustration and photography - she creates manipulated photographs that are captivating as they are engaging.

Life In Plastic Is Far From Fantastic

David Gilliver is a Scottish photographer who specializes in miniature dolls, and last year he created a series called “Life in Plastic” with the hope of highlighting the epidemic of plastic pollution that is suffocating our planet.  

The Unique, Retro Futuristic Beauty Of Soviet-Era Bus Stops

With rare exceptions, bus stops these days are never some spectacular architectural accomplishment. But in a different era, and in a different part of the world, they used to be nothing less...

Coco Dávez Colorful Approach to Art Is Infectious

Valeria Palmeiro, better known as Coco Dávez, is known for her colorful touch, exploring different fields, such as painting, photography, and art direction. Her colorful...

Photographer Carl Warner Recreates Landscapes

Carl Warner is an illustrious professional artist and photographer who’s known for his masterful way of creating striking visual images that are amalgams of photography and art for more than 25...

Don’t Worry Be Happy Isn’t Just A Slogan – It’s A Way Of Life!

Can we all agree that a little bit of positivity will do us good? Isn’t it better if we try focusing on the positive things and adjusting our mindsets to see the...

Eva Kosmas’ Food Art Will Blow You Away

When we say Eva Kosmas Flores is serious about her food art we really mean it. If we could describe her IG profile with two words, they would be: delicate and beautiful.  

These Intimate Portraits Have a Spontaneous Quality to Them

Photographer and musician, Greta María Ásgeirsdóttir, captures intimate portraits of her family and friends. The Iceland-born, Berlin-based artist finished her BA in Photography in 2017, and has since been...

Meet the Artist Who Challenges the Western Ideals of Beauty

Nigerian-American artist Dawn Okoro makes bold Afropunk portraits that poke holes at Western ideals of feminine beauty. Living and working in Austin, Texas, Okoro received her Bachelor’s degree from...


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