Life In Plastic Is Far From Fantastic

Photo by Jonathan Chng on Unsplash

David Gilliver is a Scottish photographer who specializes in miniature dolls, and last year he created a series called “Life in Plastic” with the hope of highlighting the epidemic of plastic pollution that is suffocating our planet.  

This work is part of his project “Little People,” in which he brings to life funny worlds using miniature dolls but with the intention of dealing with a very serious topic. 

David says that he spent several days collecting bags full of plastic and garbage that had been discarded next to beautiful places such as the beaches and lakes on the west coast of Scotland. Once he had all this “material”, the photographer kept a part of the garbage for the needs of the project and recycled the rest, then returned to the shores of Lake Lomond to take the photographs for this collection.  

The result is a series of light-hearted, fun and original photographs that are still imbued with an eminent critical voice. David says that his main hope is that this series will contribute to raising awareness about the problem with plastic pollution. 

We hope this will inspire more people to clean their local beautiful spots and be the change they want to see in the world.