RAH Azul Creates Blue Portraits of Famous Musicians and Artists

When artists make portraits of celebrities, they often strive to make them as realistic as possible. San Fernando Valley native RAH Azul is doing the same but with an unusual twist; his artworks are entirely blue. 

RAH Azul creates portraits of famous musicians and artists in navy, cobalt, cerulean, lapis, sapphire, and all kinds of shades of blue color. However, his limited palette doesn’t prevent him from making the subjects instantly recognizable.

RAH Azul was born in East Los Angeles to Mexican parents, who migrated to the United States from the region of Jalisco. His Mexican heritage and indigenous roots represent a big part of his creative practice, inspiring him to show the beauty of his culture.

The artist often turns to famous Mexicans as subjects, including painter Frida Calho, actress and singer María Félix, and boxing icon Salvador Sanchez. These works are also adorned with symbols and imagery commonly associated with Mexican culture that adorn the background or, in some cases, the subjects themselves.

If you want to check out more works from RAH Azul, including portraits of late music legends like Kurt Cobain, Tupac Shakur, and Jimmy Hendrix, check out his social media profiles or continue scrolling.