Pep Carrió Has Filled Out His Moleskine Sketchbook with Artwork Every Day Since 2007

Not a lot of artists are ready to commit to long-term projects, especially those that can take months and years to finish. But that isn’t an issue for Spanish graphic designer and illustrator Pep Carrió. As a matter of fact, he has been working on the same project for the past 17 years, and there is no indication that he ever intends to wrap it up.

In 2007, Carrió presented himself with a challenge: create an artwork every single day. In order to make the challenge achievable, he turned to the Moleskine sketchbook, where he would use a two-page spread to make drawings, illustrations, sketches, collages, and more. This resulted in several filled-out sketchbooks and the creation of visual diaries that have intrigued his social media followers.

 Carrió always carries his sketchbook with him and uses whatever material he has. Sometimes, that would be tempera, other times watercolors, and occasionally, he’ll simply use an ordinary pencil.

The thing that makes Carrió’s artworks particularly captivating is their diversity. From drawings of animals and people to a collection of cut-out newspaper headlines and trippy images, his sketchbooks hold an unexpected surprise with the turning of every page.

Scroll down to check out some of Carrió’s works.