Reconnect With Nature By Taking A Walk With Wolves

Have you evеr felt like you’re one with nature? Walking through the woods on a quiet afternoon, perhaps seeing a wolf and continuing your walk with him? Together, side by side, strolling around and maybe even pausing to play! It’s not too much to ask, and as a matter of a fact – it’s possible!  

Project Wildsong’s mission is to awaken a sense of wonderment in people’s hearts by reconnecting them with nature. In order to do so, they have Ambassador Animals that will help you discover your wild side. Damu, Cael, Tracer, Renegade and Sigi are friendly wolves that love to play and be around people. You can go on a hike with them or you can have painting classes with MuMu, the lupine Picasso!  

The project also places a strong focus on education on nature conservation, so you can attend different classes with customized presentations based on specific interests. Some of the topics are: “Learning to Function Like a Wolf Pack in the Workplace”, “The Dynamics of Working With Animals On Set”, “Careers With Wildlife”, “Wildlife Safety in the Great Outdoors” and “Animal Trainer Q&A.”

If you like what you see, you can sign up as a volunteer and help them spread their mission!