Crafting Duo Creates Matchboxes Featuring Dog Breeds

What do you do when you launch a popular line of “Strike Your Fancy” matchboxes featuring cats drinking at the bar like this Denver-based duo has? You try to one up the ante and feature the other team, of course!

And, by that, we are referring to creating a follow-up set featuring dogs this time around.

We had already featured the crafting duo of Arna Miller and her husband Ravi Zupa earlier this year after their successful release of the “Strike Your Fancy” matchboxes. This time around, we’ll be featuring them again for their follow-up set.

Unlike the last time, they’ll be using dogs and instead of having them drinking at the bar, they’re showing different kinds of dog breeds, each with their own distinct personalities.

Make sure to scroll down below to have a look at the matchboxes yourself.