Requinoesis Creates Cute Illustrations to Change People’s Perception of Sharks

Sharks are usually painted as the “bad guys” of the ocean in movies, documentaries, and the news. As a result, people have a big fear of sharks, viewing them as ruthless sea creatures that want to do them harm. But the truth is quite different.

Sharks are actually a lot less dangerous than you might think. Only 30 shark species out of close to 400 that we know about have been recorded to attack humans. The University of Florida released data that shows there have been only 57 confirmed unprovoked cases of shark attacks on humans in 2022 and five unprovoked shark-related fatalities. The Centers for Disease Control, on the other hand, report that 22 people die from cow attacks each year.

In an attempt to change the narrative about sharks and make people look at them in a more positive light, digital artist Requinoesis started a series of illustrations that feature sharks as their main characters. In these cute and colorful artworks, sharks are shown hanging out in their small cities, exploring the ocean depths, and taking well-deserved naps.

“With my artwork, I try to purify the “Jaws feeling” that haunts the image of sharks, showing that there are many more creative and imaginative possibilities in these creatures than just their jaws!” the artist shares.

Make sure to continue scrolling and check out more of these adorable shark illustrations. Maybe you’ll realize that they are not the bad guys after all.