Restaurant Offers French Cuisine At Ridiculously Reasonable Price But There’s a Catch

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There’s a French restaurant in Mukilteo, Washington that offers delicious gourmet dinner for the reasonable price of $11-30. At other restaurants, you might be paying closer to $60 or more for high-class dishes like that. But there’s a caveat – you must obey the rules or else the chef will get grumpy.

The name of the resto is called Grouchy Chef, and it is run by a single person, Mr. Takayuki Masumoto. Before you get to the menu, you must first follow the set of rules presented by the chef himself. These include dressing up properly as if you are going to a fine dining place, no blowing your nose or fixing your makeup at the table, no clinking crystal glasses, no personal requests, no pictures (except the food). If you adhere to these rules, then you’ll be fine.

Some people don’t like the instructions but they can’t deny the fact that the food is great. Many are loving the affordable price too. The place is perfect for average-earners and Masumoto doesn’t accept tips, instead, he sells “Grouch Chef” logo T-shirts for $10 to raise money for cancer research in honor for his sister who passed away at age 32.

Scroll down to see the tasty meals below.

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