A Step Back in Time for World’s Celebrities

Image by @fulaleo / Instagram

One of the longest standing tropes of science fiction is time travel, and the complications you experience if you go back in the past and meet yourself. Probably, after you get over the initial shock, you still wouldn’t resist the temptation to snap a photo of both of you which would preserve the moment for posterity.

That’s one of the ideas behind of a project by the Colombian artist and illustrator Fulvio Obregon. “Yo & Mi Otro Yo” (“Me and My Other Me”) presents such fictitious ‘time travel meetings’ between pop-culture icons and their younger selves from few decades ago. First Obregon started with a men’s version dedicated to musicians, actors and tech visionaries but later expanded the project with a women’s series too.

The author explains that the initial inspiration for the project came from looking at social profile of one of his cousins who had published a photo-collage in which she embraced herself as a child; he thought what would happen if world-famous celebrities would have done the same. Of course, he didn’t miss the chance to put an ironic reference to their greatest achievements in some of those collages, in the form of funny t-shirt inscriptions, or other small details that remind us what they became famous for.