Russian Man Photoshops Himself to Create Strange and Surreal Scenes

We all know the amazing opportunities that photo-editing software Photoshop offers. You can manipulate your photo in an astounding number of ways, change almost every aspect of it, and still make it look legit.

Some use this power to fix lighting issues, contrast, and other little flaws that their photo might have, while those like Russian digital artist Stas Novikov use it to create a whole new reality.

Novikov is one of those people who decided to really push the limits of this handy tool. He does this by photoshopping himself to create all sorts of strange and surreal scenes.

In one photo, you can see Novikov placing his head on the table and carving it like a Halloween pumpkin. In the other, he is sleeping in a huge sandpit while a bunch of heavy machines is trying to bury him.

While these somewhat disturbing photo-editing works make up for most of Novikov’s artistic portfolio, he also occasionally engages in some more down-to-earth edits as well.

Whether you like his over-the-top edits or not, we can all agree that Novikov’s works are true works of art. So let’s check out more of them below.