The Dreamy Female Portraits of Alessandra Genualdo

Alessandra Genualdo’s paintings leave room for reflection. Focused mainly on women, her subjects seem lost in thought, with their gaze hard to decipher.

Using mainly gouache and colored pencils, Genualdo tends to stick to the same color stories, promoting a sense of breeziness and romanticism.

“I like to paint with similar hues and balance them with a contrasting tone to harmonize the picture,” she explained her color choices in an interview with Jackson’s Art.

“I try and think in terms of how colors can be a further vehicle to express the feelings of the characters in the picture, and also the importance the spaces that are not colored possess,” the artist went on.

Born in Italy, Genualdo admits that drawing has been a constant aspect of her life. A self-taught practice, she would go on study graphic design in Italy, before moving to London to further her creative exploration.

“When I moved to London I realized I didn’t want to work on a computer, I wanted to reconnect with making with my hands, express myself through illustration, so I applied for an illustration MA at the Camberwell College of Arts,” she recalls.

Having graduated from the Camberwell College of Arts in 2012 with an MA in Illustration, she is now based in East London, where she shares an apartment with her dog Kira (often featured on her Instagram page).

Her work is a breath of fresh air you’d want to add to your feed.