Ryn Frank Will Inspire You to Be One with Nature

Ryn Frank’s fine line illustrations challenge us to live in a mindful headspace. Featuring flora and fauna, her minimalist artwork is inspired by Botanics, the ocean, nature, and slow living. With her studio based by the sea, Frank enjoys walking with her dog, sketchbook in hand, while taking inspiration from the countryside and coast.

But her passion for illustrating began much earlier, when she spent hours on end in the family garden, doodling away. “It was my way of getting lost very quickly into a different and somewhat magical world and I loved that,” she told Freelance Wisdom. It was also there, in the garden, where she formed the connection between art and nature.

Fast forward a decade or so later, and she now runs a creative design studio together with her partner. Focused on branding and illustration, their clients include Anthropologie, Lonely planet, Marks & Spencer, and Penguin publishing.

“I’ve always wanted to do something different where I could be creative and have freedom in my work,” she admits. Take a look at some of these creations in the gallery below: