We Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Jelly!

Siew Boon discovered the art of jelly and quickly got hooked. After taking some classes, the Sydney-based creative became really good at making 3D models using only jelly. And as she got better, she started getting requests from her friends. 

One friend asked her to make him a cake. She delivered an awesome 3D jelly cake with flowers and petals vibrantly colored – everything you would expect from a professional cake decorator! After Boon discovered a talent for 3D cakes she decided to dedicate an Instagram profile to her cake art and got more and more requests every day.  

Sadly, in 2017 Boon was diagnosed with breast cancer. Of course, she had to put her artwork at ease for a while, but once she got better, she wanted to thank the doctors who took such good care of her and did it the only way she knew how – with custom made 3D jelly cakes!  

Today, after having beaten the illness, Boon continues to amaze us with her unique creations. Follow her to get some positive inspiration and perspective: