Sayli Illustrates the Battle Between Common Sense and the Heart

Could you put on paper how many times have you been torn between your emotions and common sense? Probably not, right? Well, Indian illustrator and comic artist Sayli tried to imagine how the battle would look like on paper.

“Whenever it comes to decision making, I always think emotionally without contemplating that it can lead me to a wrong path but that’s how we learn, experience and improve ourselves,” the self-taught artist shares in a post on Bored Panda.

Also known as saylisartelicious on social media, Delhi-based Sayli is quite popular on Instagram, where her silly comics are followed by more than 22,000 people. She says that she loves doodling, sketching and illustrating ordinary, and everyday things in a cute way – and her audience adores her artworks.

“This is me, I can’t stop being vulnerable with the people I love and the situations. And to be honest, I don’t apologize for that. This is who I am,” she writes in one of her posts.

We really enjoyed scrolling through her Instagram page, and we are sure you will enjoy it, too. Follow her for future updates.