Sensational Images of Lightning and Volcanic Smoke by Francisco Negroni

Image via francisconegroni_fotografia/Instagram

Francisco Negroni is a Chilean photographer who’s passionate about nature, especially the mix of storms and volcanic eruptions. Capturing the wild and spectacular moments of nature is an unexpected choice for him, as he first studied advertising photography and tourism. But, after witnessing a volcanic eruption the Chilean photographer developed a certain obsession with volcanoes.

Since then, he keeps eye on coming eruptions to be able to go there and document these magical moments. He always travels light, with just a backpack, a computer, a camera and a tripod.

His work has been spotted by media and press agencies around the world, who call on him to join his quests. In fact, some of Negroni’s photos have already been published in many international media such as National Geographic , and they have been distributed by photo agencies such as Associated Press, Reuters, Terra or AFP.

Opaque smoke plume, fiery lightning and lava flows are the three basic ingredients of Francisco Negroni’s volcanic images. The unleashing of nature has become the photographer’s muse and he never tires of shooting such moments, mixing incredible danger and sumptuous beauty.

FRANCISCO NEGRONI, VOLCANOES AND LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHER. You can buy my photos in my webpage. Hoy se cumplen tres años desde la erupción del volcán Calbuco. Desde que comenzó esta pasión por fotografiar volcanes siempre tuve el sueño de lograr una buena imagen o parecida a las que ya habia tomado el año 2011 en la erupción del Cordón Caulle…pero nunca imaginé que esa noche despues de buscar y buscar un lugar y encuadre diferente encontraria algo más que eso…y es que esa noche estoy seguro que tome la mejor fotografía de una erupción y tormenta sucia jamás tomada. Siento que soy un privilegiado de haber visto lo que vi y de haberlo captado de la mejor manera posible. #CaptureDedication #chile #volcanoes #volcano #calbucovolcano #volcancalbuco #dirtystorm #volcanes #volcan #puertomontt #frutillar

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