Miraculous Packaging Transformations by Qíng Jì

For the last few months, Japanese artist Qíng Jì, based in city of Kobe, is causing a huge stir on twitter by transforming packaging of all kinds into realistic characters.

A master in the art of paper sculptures with very meticulous achievements, Qíng Jì currently specializes in the sculpture of packaging of everyday products. From a packaging of Pringles chips to a simple box of tissues through the box of a package of chocolate biscuits, the artist has fun with this cheap raw material with great green credentials.

For his latest achievement, he has transformed a box of tissues of the Japanese brand Nepla into a baby seal. The transformation was has been liked by more than 300,000 people and shared 70,000 times.

Check out some of the unique packaging sculptures by Qíng Jì below.