Spend The Night In This Wooden Pink Piggy Instead Of A Tent

Finding a place to stay can sometimes be tricky work because not all places are like the pictures posted online! But there are also places that are so amazing and unusual that it would be a pity not to spend at least one night in them.  

The Orchard Pig cider company made a place where you’ll get more than what you’ve expected. This innovative company created a wooden pod in the shape of a pig. Sounds ridiculous? Sure, but also really cool! This pink wooden pig can comfortably fit 12 people and offers sleeping space for two. As a bonus, it’s also portable, so it can be brought anywhere. Equipped with camping essentials, it allows you to have a pleasant night and experience the countryside lifestyle, connecting with nature throughout the night.  

Inside the pink pig, there’s a piggy pod in which you’ll sleep like a pig in a blanket, as well as sleeping bags, festoon lighting and cooking equipment.  If you’re looking for a unique way to start off your camping trip with your companion this is definitely it! This famous piggy was a guest on a few festivals and seen at Glastonbury too. It can be found on AirBnb under the name ‘Trojan Pig’. 

Check out this adorable piggy portable home and enjoy the piggy camping lifestyle! 

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